Google unveils smart camera that snaps short clips for you


Google unveiled a new device today called Clips, it’s a smart camera capable of recognizing faces and knowing when footage is worth keeping. It clips to anything and is being praised as the car dashboard cam for the home. Google hopes to help customers capture moments that would otherwise go unseen.


Google describes the camera as, “smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing. So the camera captures beautiful, spontaneous images. And it gets smarter over time.”


The Clips is described as being able to learn; meaning Clips will learn the faces you interact with on a regular basis. As long as your phone has Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, you can use it to sort through Clips’ pictures and decide what to keep.

Google Clips has a wide, 130-degree field of view and has 16GB of internal storage. It will last for three hours on a single charge.


(The Front of the new device)


(The back of the new device)

The device will cost $249 and will be available in the coming months.