The Dawn of the $1,000 iPhone

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is finally here and it’s called the iPhone X.


Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone Flagship

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone officially exists and it’s called the iPhone X. The phone’s bezels have been basically eliminated, and its now mostly screen. Apple has returned to some past design elements from years past, including a glass back (iPhone 4s) and aluminum sides (Original iPhone).iphone front back


All-Screen Display

The iPhone X will set you back more than $1,000 thanks to the new full screen display. For many, that price point is sure to put the device out of reach. The phone is set to make “All-Screen” phone mainstream and standard in a few years.


Feature Packed

The new iPhone not only improves on previous iPhones, it also closes the gap between Apple’s phones and Android devices of the last few years. New features such as wireless charging, facial recognition, and an OLED display bring the iPhone up to date with what is possible in current generation flagship smartphones.

iphone menu

‘The iPhone X will start at $999 and will be available in 64GB or 256GB capacities. Pre-orders start October 27, with shipments going out on November 3.