Elon Musk Previews Full Body Shot of SpaceX’s Spacesuits.

SpaceX reveals their new spacesuits for capsule use and pressurized situations.


Sneak Peaks of the latest SpaceX projects can often be found on Founder Elon Musk’s Twitter page. In his most recent reveal, we glimpsed a closer look at SpaceX’s new spacesuits.


In previous postings we only saw the top half of the suit, but now we now have the head-to-toe look. Gone are the days of puffy space suits and heavy boots. It’s likely this is just the base of the suit and more accessories will be added as SpaceX moves towards their Mars mission.

The suits are only for use inside the Dragon capsule or transferring to other vehicles where the environment is pressurized, not a long walk in the cold vacuum of space. Rest assured, those suits will be closer to Nasa’s classic space suits we all love and know.